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ARC: I Love My Love by Reyna Mays

Publisher’s Page

I received a copy of I Love My Love from Netgalley for review. This had no impact on my review/rating of this book.

Poetry isn’t really my thing. As a matter of fact, I believe the last time I read a poetry book was a collection of Emily Dickenson’s poems in high school. Which was very long ago. Keep that in mind when you go to judge my rating (aka, I don’t know anything about poetry.)

With that being said, this collection of poems/letters/thoughts/etc hit me hard. It felt like I could feel her pain, her despair, her confusion, and then her acceptance and happiness. More than once when reading this at work I had to put it down because of these emotions that were evoked. This could be a by product of some personal issues/struggles I have been going through (not like hers) and these honest words just ripped the feelings out. I may re-read at a later/happier(?) time and see if I still have the strong reactions.

Regardless, these pages of brutally honest questions and reflections were hard to stop reading, and my thoughts are even harder to put into words. The only real negative point I can come up with some of the content may be triggering (I’m not 100% sure on this,) some of the darker prose may need warning. Read with discretion if you do have triggers.

4.5 stars


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