ARC: Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly

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I received a copy of Hopcross Jilly from Netgalley for review. This in no way influenced my review.

I love Patricia Brigg’s Mercedes Thompson books. They are almost always an insta-buy/read for me. I’m actually rereading them at the moment. So when I saw a copy was available for review, I jumped on it. When I finished it, I was a tad disappointed. I guess I had higher expectations for anything with Patricia Briggs on it.

Hopcross Jilly starts out with Mercy and the pack finding a burial site full of children, around an old house suspected of belonging to a fae. Wanna guess which one? Told between flash backs and current events, the at times confusing tale of how the Fae works, her prey, and her reappearance comes together.

But, for me, the main star was Jesse. I have always liked her as a side/sub/background character, and while I didn’t care all that much for this story, I like how it showed her different aspects. Her ‘public’ face where she has to be tough and act like the bullying from school doesn’t bother her. And her ‘private’ face, the one she shows to Mercy and around the wolves.

Even with Jesse taking a HUGE part of this story, it didn’t suck me in until the final confrontation. And I think that’s sad. Being a graphic novel, there’s not alot of time to hook and draw me in. The visuals should draw me in with the story & dialog. They failed. Some scenes where drawn beautifully, and others seemed haphazardly thrown together. And I’m not sure how ‘Jilly’ was defeated. I have a pretty good idea, but not confirmation.

I have recommended this to a friend (turns out she was reading it serialized), but I won’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t familiar with the worlds of Mercedes Thompson and Alpha and Omega. 3 Stars.


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