SERIES: Castle Glower by Jessica Day George

Publisher’s Page

I am in love with these books!  They follow Celie, the youngest princess in the magical Castle Glower.  From protecting the castle from evil doers trying to take over the throne to trying to make her way back home from another world; Celie shows that age and gender does not prevent you from becoming a hero.  I’m planning on getting these for my nieces for their birthdays.

Tuesdays in the Castle is a good introduction to Princess Celie and her beloved Castle Glower.  Every Tuesday the castle will switch things up by adding and removing rooms, making life difficult for most of the residents.  But not Celie.  She looks forward to each Tuesday so she can learn more about the castle and work on her atlas of it.  Which all comes in handy when she needs to use all her knowledge and wit to protect and save her family when outsides try taking control of the throne.

Wednesdays in the Tower provide Celie with an egg, her Royal Wizard brother with a bunch of old and unknown weapons, and the castle is starting to act weird.  Celie must protect the egg and what hatches while trying to figure out what is happening to the castle before it’s too late.

Thursday with the Crown immediately starts out where Wednesdays in the Tower left off.  I don’t want to give anything/too much away; just that the origins of the castle come to life, and the mystery of why it appeared in Celie’s homeland.  This book wasn’t as strong as the other two, but it is still a good addition to the overall story.

While these books seemed to be more aimed towards a middle school reading age, I think anyone looking for a light/fluff read will enjoy this series.  4.5 Stars overall.


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