ARC: Wayward vol. 1: String Theory by Jim Zub

Publisher’s Page

I received a copy of Wayward from the publisher through Net Galley.  This had no bearing or influence on my review.

I LOVED Wayward vol. 1.  I am anxiously waiting for volume to be announced, so then I can get antsy waiting for it to be released.  I might just break my own rule and buy the individual issues.  It was that good!

The story starts with Rori, a half Japanese/Irish, arriving in Tokyo to start living with her mom.  This is also the first time we see her ‘strings’; glowing ribbons that lead her to here she needs to go/be.  Soon she runs into the crazy girl, the bad boy (who eats spirits), and another young boy with odd abilities.  There are some monsters and a mysterious figure that seems to have a connection to them.

As much as I find the story and the drop dead gorgeous artwork enthralling, I can’t describe the story.  I just can’t.  There is so much going on all at once; I’m not 100% what is taking place.  Except for the end, but that’s a spoiler.  *shh*  Hopefully the next collection will shed some light on some of the actions happening.

4.5 Stars


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